Principal Bahria College

Principal's Message

Education plays an important role to transform the children into valuable members of a society which can contribute for national development. Infact education construct human personality, illuminate person’s mind & thinking process, enable us to build perspective, teaches us how to socialize, nurture individual character, instill self-confidence, induce courage and morality, inculcate social & ethical values and ultimately empowers us to experience a bright future & successful life. Educated youth then contribute in the evolution of a refined society and progression of a nation.

Pakistan being a developing country needs educated & skilled human resource to broaden our scientific & technological base and for sustained socio-economic growth. Pakistan Navy having realized this fact, made significant contribution for promotion of education in Pakistan. In line with the vision of the Chief of the Naval Staff, PN has always strived to provide best quality education not only for naval wards but also for the children’s from all segment of the society.

Accordingly, BCI has always endeavored to maintain high standard of education.  It is believed that education is not just lessons of text book, rather a process of getting knowledge and information which help the students excel in this fast progressing & competitive world.  Therefore, BCI will continue to fulfill its obligation and commitment by providing quality education while maintaining a fine balance between academic, sports and extracurricular activities. While BCI will continue to play its role, students are advised not to compromise on the hard work and dedication to make up their future. At the same time continuous guidance and supervision from parents is extremely important for this noble cause. Together we will be able to meet our obligations and sacred responsibility.

In the prevailing environment of COVID-19 pandemic disease, BCI is closed since Mar 20.  BCI however, has started online classes to keep the students involved and to cover their curriculum.  All parents are kindly requested to join college efforts and ensure attendance / participation of their children in online academic activities. I would also urge young students to hone their intellectual faculties through constructive reading & writing during this time.

                                                                             KHALID RASHID SI(M)