Principal's Message
Education is the light which is imperative to eradicate darkness in any progressing nation. For our society it is a matter of life and death. The world is moving so fast that if we do not educate our youth, we will be completely left behind. This has been the message of our Quaid and the importance of education has also been vehemently advocated by our Holy Prophet (SAW).

Education is a dynamic, continuous process and means much more than imparting instructions in the process of teaching few subjects. In this modern era, its scope has enhanced manifold. It is, therefore, imperative that our students are given a broad based education along with necessary skills that would facilitate them to excel in the fast progressing, competitive world. I would urge the young students to hone their intellectual faculties through constructive reading and writing.

                                                                             JAMIL AKHTAR SI(M)